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Current Worship Series

Oct 6th – Nov 10th

On an inconsequential Sunday afternoon I found myself seated at the feet of my grandfather, listening intently as he recounted the story of his life. Pop and Grandma had traveled from the small town of my parents’ shared upbringing to the burgeoning metropolis that was suburban Kansas City. While we waited for my father and mother to finish with their regular post-worship duties, Pop began to talk and I began to listen. Each story led to a series of questions, and those questions led to more and more stories. 

I am not sure how long I sat there, fascinated by the life lessons of a man whose life-story comprised the prologue to my own story; a story that I was only then beginning to author for myself. After some time, I noticed my parents sitting silently in the small room together with us. Later, my father would remark that he wished that he had thought to record that conversation so that we would have it to treasure in years to come. How true those words ring within my heart today, years after my grandfather’s passing. Had I known how short our time together on earth would be, I’d have asked more questions and listened more intently.  

For a very short time, God chose to walk the earth in human form. Incarnate in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, the God of Creation lived, laughed, loved, and lost, just as we all do throughout the limited duration of our own short lives. 

For an even shorter period of time, Jesus was in public ministry. How would Jesus choose to spend those preciously short years? He taught. Jesus spent his days teaching those who would listen about what it means to embrace life as a citizen of the Heavenly Kingdom.  

Join us over the next six weeks as we take a look at the Kingdom statements of Christ. Together, we’ll sit at the feet of Christ and learn what it means to be counter-cultural citizens of the only Kingdom that has ever successfully redeemed the broken, released the captive, brought sight to the blind, and spoken life into death. If nothing else, it will be quite a journey!

See you soon,

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