Business Administrator: Ilona Kochenburger

I am originally from Heidelberg, Germany. We moved to Florida at the age of 12. It was sink or swim having to learn English and teaching my mother and brother. While in school, my dream was to join the United States Air Force and travel the world! I remember the day well, getting my orders, asking myself … where exactly is Little Rock Air Force Base?! Well, it was a wonderful assignment working with a helicopter rescue squadron and I achieved numerous awards in collecting pebbles off of the flight line.

My career continued with working at Unilever over several years starting in accounting, treasury, auditing to logistics.   My own personal calling came to me in North Carolina taking on my first church administrative role.   Since then, I have had the privilege of working with various churches over the course of 17 years and most recently with the Episcopal Diocese of Texas as their Business Manager.

My husband’s recent military retirement as an Army Chaplain and new role as a VA Chaplain has brought us here to Oklahoma. We are loving it!

I am married to my elementary school crush, Philip.  We have four grown children located in the various corners of the country.  We are enjoying our two furry feline children Katia and Felix perhaps expand to adopting a baby donkey some day!   I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with Southern Hills UMC as I enjoy all of you, the amazing mission and goals of the church. Thank you!