Homeless Outreach

Make a Real Difference

We don’t just talk about sharing love, we live it. Every week, SHUMC ministers with over 150 people experiencing homelessness in OKC. If you’re trying to connect with a community that makes a real difference, you’ve found it.

Our Story

In 2017, Dr. Scraper was sitting in his office, frustrated about how much time he spent working on budgets. He asked God for some guidance, and God said…”why don’t we meet some homeless people?” Today, over 20 volunteers minister with over 150 people experiencing homelessness each week.

Everything That You Give Goes to Our Homeless Community.

Not everyone is capable of contributing by volunteering in person. If you care about the difference that we’re making, but you can’t show up in person to help, you can show up financially and make it possible for us to do more. EVERYTHING you give will go straight to the homeless outreach. We need food, sundry items, blankets, coats, hats, gloves, sleeping bags, and tents. Your gift might very well be the reason that someone survives the night.

Join Us.

Want to get involved? Our Homeless Mobile Outreach Site meets every Tuesday at River Park in Stockyards City. Show up, meet us, learn, and join us.

11 AM – 1 PM