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Homeless Outreach Ministry

Each week, members of Southern Hills minister together with the homeless community in South OKC. In perhaps one of the most profoundly meaningful examples of ministry outside the walls of the church, you can be part of bringing the hospitality of Christian community to the least and the lost…the marginalized and overlooked. 

You can participate in two ways: 

  1. Mobile Meals Ministry: Each Tuesday, members of our church prepare meals to be delivered to people who cannot leave their homes, and to members of the homeless community. You can volunteer to help prepare the meals, or to deliver them. If you would like to learn how to deliver meals to the homeless community, contact Pastor Bo Ireland. Pastor Ireland will be glad to accompany you as you learn how to make connections with the homeless community in South OKC.
  2. Street Outreach Ministry: Each Wednesday, members of our church partner with Skyline Urban Ministries to feed the homeless community of South OKC right in our very own parking lot! Skyline prepares all of the meals and provides the necessary supplies, equipping members of our church family to serve and eat meals together with our homeless sisters and brothers. Our street outreach ministry is unique in that our focus is on building real community through intentional relationship building. Even if you only have time to leave work long enough to stop by for a meal with our homeless friends, this ministry will change your life.


For more information, contact Pastor Bo Ireland.

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