Series: Quiet

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The world is a busy place. Over the past year I have asked the same question in various ways in many of our gatherings and studies. The question: “Why is it so hard to figure out who God wants you to be?” Without fail or regard for how many times I have asked the question, or how many different ways that I have phrased it, one answer has been given first and very quickly in every instance: Time.

Never before has humanity had to contend with so many demands on our time, demands that attack us from hundreds of different directions all at once…demands that we cannot possibly meet but are illogically expected to anyway. How are you supposed to figure out who you are in a world that won’t stop talking long enough for you to be able to hear yourself think? This Lenten season, join us as we steal some time away, silence the world, and reflect on the power of reflection.

Quiet: The power of reflection in a world that won’t stop talking.
Feb 18: Reflections on Time
Feb 25: Reflections on Perspective
Mar 4: Reflections on Hope
Mar 11: Reflections on Healing
Mar 18: Reflections on Trust
Mar 25: Reflections on Loyalty

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