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The Foundry…Coming Soon!

Coming in Spring of 2020…

Sundays @ 9:30 AM & Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM

The Foundry Experiences: You may already know this. The very first Methodist service of any kind organized by John Wesley  was held in a Foundry in London. Since then, The Foundry has been a popular title for Methodist worship experiences. As we begin to offer new (and multiple services) we will incorporate that history into our practice. Our Foundry Experiences will be held in the new building, and will also consist of two worship experiences, one on Sunday morning and one on Wednesday evening.

  • The 9:30 AM (Sunday) Foundry Experience: This Experience will be modern by design. It will include a complete praise team, colored lighting, large screens, videos, casual attire, and probably quite a bit of coffee. This service will include a full, 3-point message. Messages will most likely always follow a series. The Order of Worship will probably include a 3-4 song set, prayer, an offering (with a praise band special piece), a video, a message, and then a closing song set. The songs will be modern and the feel will be very casual.
  • The 6:30 PM (Wednesday) Foundry Experience: This Experience will immediately follow The Gathering meal, and will be nearly identical to the 9:30 Foundry Experience, with the exception that instead of series-oriented preaching, this service will include exegetical bible study. Each week, we will work our way through a different chapter within a book of the bible. Otherwise, the Order of Worship will be identical to The 9:30 Foundry Experience.

In both of these Experiences, the pastors will most frequently dress casually.

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