What to Expect in Worship…

The Heritage Experience: Sundays @ 8:00 AM (Ministry Center) 
The Foundry: Sundays @ 10:30 AM (Ministry Center)
The Gathering: Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM (Ministry Center) 

The Heritage Experience (8:00 am Sunday): If you’re looking for a casual experience that still maintains some of the United Methodist liturgy and traditional hymns that you’ve grown up with, this service is for you! With a full choir, meaningful liturgy and traditional hymns, this service is a must for anyone who enjoys the United Methodist Church of days gone by. Join us each Sunday in the Ministry Center!

The Foundry (10:30 am Sunday): You may already know this. The very first Methodist service of any kind organized by John Wesley  was held in a Foundry in London. Since then, The Foundry has been a popular title for Methodist worship experiences. When we began to design our new worship experiences, we wanted to embrace that history…our history…and carry it forward into a new era.

This Experience is modern by design. It includes a complete praise team, colored lighting, large screens, videos, casual attire, and quite a bit of coffee. Biblically inspired messages most often follow a series and are designed with practical ideas in mind to help you navigate the week ahead. The songs are mostly modern, with a few old favorites mixed in. All in all, this is a very casual, upbeat, family-friendly worship service.

The Gathering (6:30 pm Wednesday): This Experience begins with a meal on Wednesday evenings. Otherwise, it is nearly identical to the Sunday morning Foundry Experience, with the exception that instead of series-oriented preaching, this service includes exegetical bible study. Each week, we work our way through a different chapter within a book of the bible. If you’re looking for an uplifting way to worship that includes food, coffee, and solid biblical teaching…this is your service.

What should I wear? Great question…who doesn’t want to know how to fit in when they try something new? The short answer is…wear clothes! People who attend SHUMC are a tapestry of different shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and beliefs. The worship leaders and pastors will be very casual (most of the time) as will most everyone who attends. That said…wear whatever you feel most comfortable worshiping God in. We’ll be doing the same thing right beside you!


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