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The Chapel Experiences (8:15 & 10:45 Sunday)

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The Chapel Experiences: Our worship in both its diversity and its unity is an encounter with the living God through the risen Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Traditional Experience at Southern Hills is rooted in the teachings of Scripture that give our worship a basic pattern that has proved itself over the centuries. This pattern goes back to worship as Jesus and his earliest disciples knew it – services in the synagogue and Jewish family worship around the meal table. It has been fleshed out by the experience and traditions of Christian congregations for two thousand years. The Chapel Experiences at Southern Hills follow the time honored liturgical tradition of the Ancient Church, handed down and adapted from our Anglican forbears.

  • The 8:15 Chapel Experience: This Experience follows the Basic Pattern for Sunday Worship in the United Methodist Book of Worship. It is very liturgical with all four scripture readings commonly associated with liturgical worship and uses virtually no technology. We will begin to celebrate Holy Communion weekly in this experience starting in January of 2020. The hymns are traditional, accompanied by an organ and a piano.

  • The 10:45 Chapel Experience: This Experience is identical to the 8:15 Capel Experience, with two distinct differences: 1) this experience has one scripture reading as opposed to four; 2) Holy Communion is served monthly instead of weekly. The hymns are traditional, and we observe most of the United Methodist liturgy associated with a traditional service.

In both of these Experiences, the pastors will most frequently wear vestments (think: robes).

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