Worship at Southern Hills

On the front porch of my grandparents’ craftsman style home hung a porch swing made from alternating slats of reclaimed wood. While the porch swing was the seat of choice for whichever of the cousins were fortunate enough to claim it first, the entire extended family spent many a summer evening on that porch watching the world go by.

Before the days of constant streaming digital connection , the world slowed down for just a bit every summer. We even had a series of titles for it…the “dog days of summer,” or the “lazy days of summer.” Those lazy days, followed by long evenings watching the world go by on a front porch swing provided a much needed respite from the chronic busyness of over-scheduled school-years.

Not immune from the rhythms of life, the Church would often lead the transition into those dog days by encouraging worshipers to come to church casually, holding revivals, and even changing the time of worship (before the days of air conditioning) so that people could gather during the cooler parts of the day.

With the change of seasons that begins for the Church at Pentecost, I want to invite you to take a step back into an earlier era with me by stepping into Summer Worship at Southern Hills. We’re going to de-clutter the chancel area for a few months, as we de-clutter our own lives. We will use a little less liturgy and sing a few more songs. We’ll start every Sunday with a hymn sing (so start thinking about your favorites now!), and I’ll adopt more of a casual teaching attitude as we take a look at three different books of the Bible; Esther, Exodus, and Daniel…one each month throughout the summer.

Invite a friend to church with you this summer, and let’s spend a season reconnecting with the refreshing rhythms of a simpler time.


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